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TrusTrace: What is TRUST worth in what industry?

March 25, 2017   |  TrusTrace Market Outreach team  

In our last blog, one of our founders had discussed about the idea of trust and transparency in the industry and how it can impact the growth of industry. He had also mentioned a few target industries that could be impacted by such a technology.

We decided to talk to people across the globe to understand, which industry they think is most impacted by the lack of trust, how would they quantify the value of trust and so many other things. In this blog, we have summarized our customer interactions on this topic of TRUST. Leave your thoughts as comments.

98% of the customers we spoke to mentioned that they are concerned about the quality of the Food and Medicine they purchase and would like to have more information on the same.

82% of the customers we spoke to mentioned that they would like to know more information to understand if a particular product is price-worthy. This was followed by 68% of customers who mentioned that they will use such data to understand if the product meets it's claim on quality.

43% of the customers we spoke to mentioned that they are willing to pay more for the additional information that will help them make a purchase decision.

84% of the customers mentioned that they would like to have a simplified solution that enables them retrieve as much information as possible about the product they consume.

We would like to hear your views on the same. Please take this quick survey to help us understand you better.